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My Precious Virgins Review

Reviewed: 2007-11-22
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Our Rating: 79/100

Quality of Content: 20/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 14/15

Update Frequency: 9/10

Content Variety: 7/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: no

User Rating For MyPreciousVirgins

User Rating: 52/100 - based on 74 votes.

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My Opinion About MyPreciousVirgins

I think it's safe to assume that we all adore virgins. Whether or not the fresh looking babes on this site have had their cherries popped or not is something that will have to remain in our fantasies, though. However, you could say that the chicks on My Precious Virgins have yet to have their porn petals peeled and by this I mean that the amateurs could quite possible be first-timers when it comes to online modelling.

Updates are three times a week, so there shouldn't be a shortage of chicks any time soon. Already MyPreciousVirgins claims 333 babes, although anyone looking for movies will have a hard time finding them, because this is a photo site. I half-expected the images to be the work of a particular photographer, but there's no information about anyone other than the chicks.

The site "guarantees" that these spring chicks have just turned 18 years old. It's an easy thing to believe once you start browsing around. Many of the gals still have yet to lose that roundish face associated with youth. Their bodies are tight, their buttocks are taut and their titties look firm, although since the majority of boobs are natural here, there is a certain lazy lull to the pairs that are larger.

I decided to count how many chicks there actually were and only came up with 311 of them. There aren't really any search features, which was a shame, because I'd enjoy looking for certain types of models like blondes or brunettes, those with shaved pussies or hirsute ones amongst other options. However, you can only look at models by the dates that their newest sets were added.

When it comes to exclusivity, the site only claims to have exclusive models, whatever that means. At no time do they state that the content itself is exclusive. I soon discovered that is not the primary producer of the photos, which means that it's quite possible that the same can be found on other nude photo sites, so just keep this in mind.

There's little doubt that the babes are sweet. They're from all over the globe and as I looked through a few of the detail pages I found some lasses from Western and Eastern Europe and even some from Canada and the United States. As much as the babes are good-looking, they're also very white. There's nothing wrong with this of course, but like Wonderbread, the taste is similar from one chick to the next. Even a Brazilian chick I spotted wasn't all that exotic or different-looking. They all sort of looked like they could be cheerleaders, although some of them really did stand out. Masha, Cherry and Gem were some of the chicks that caught my attention.

As for the photos, they're super-quality. While the largest images I found were 2040x3060, I was a little surprised that the newest set featuring a gal named Ava had smaller-sized images. In fact, there was a bit of inconsistency when it came to sizes. There are between 10 and 70, in a set and they can be downloaded in zips, although surprisingly there isn't an online slideshow, which seemed odd for a picture site. Now, the photo styles do change up from one set to the next, and I wasn't always impressed. For example, Ava's set was very amateur, and a newer set of Gem was a little too dark. Masha's profiled set was back-lit and not in a good way.

Final Verdict

Nudity is the main focus on MyPreciousVirgins, so you won't see a lot of masturbating or anything other than erotic shots of the nubile babes. Some sets begin with clothed models that end up nude and others just showcase the gorgeous nakedness of a female's body. There are quite a lot of chicks and photos, but in the end, I wasn't enthusiastic about this site. I found the photography didn't stand up to my expectations of a photo-only site, there weren't search features, and sets weren't overly creative or different. Also, despite the international models, there wasn't really a cosmopolitan flavour to this site. In fact, the babes, while sexy, all sort of looked like they were from the same college clique.

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User Comments

2009 May 09, 06:42, UK
There are some lovely girls on this site, but the big problem is the size of the files - I mean, over 600MB for ONE picture set of ONE girl is ridiculous!
Even on reasonably fast broadband this is going to take a long time. The earlier sets are more reasonably sized, but they should provide the images in zips in multiple resolutions. Each picture can be viewed on the site in two resolutions, althought 'med' is actually very small. But only the large pictures can be downloaded as a zip file.
The claim on the front page of 'hi and low' zip files is rubbish.
Also, I don't think the picture quality overall, nor the poses/locations, are as good as the best (e.g. MPL), despite the huge file sizes.
Worth a look, but only if you have a fast connnection AND a lot of patience!
Also, although

2008 Dec 29, 06:59, nioant
It is a excelente site, the best

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